Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reason #372 Why Tumblr and Work Don’t Mix

So, there I was, scrolling Tumblr, ogling this gifset of Dean and Sam Winchester dressed as priests (and let me tell you, the election of the new Pope has really brought out all the times Dean and/or Sam have ever, ever in the history of Supernatural dressed as clergy…) when the phone rings.

So, like the good little receptionist that I am, I take one last look at Dean stuffing his face and answer.  After getting the caller’s name, company and who they are calling for, I glance back at my screen briefly before getting up and going into my boss’ office, where I proceed to say:

“Burt, Dean Win—crap, sorry, Joe Schmo is on line one.”

To my boss’ credit… he didn’t even bat an eye before saying, “Dean or Joe?”


It’s official. I am an idiot. 

Also: I’m watching entirely too much Supernatural these days.


(Thanks for having my back on this, Travis)

Post Script: I keep watching that pouty lip and I can’t stop laughing…