Thursday, February 28, 2013

Café Escapes: Adventure in a k-cup…


Okay, so maybe not quite.  However, these little k-cups are pretty darn awesome.  I’m a working mom and you all know what that means right?  Between the kids, my husband and the cat I have little to no time for ME.  Quiet time is at a premium because, even when the cat’s asleep?  The hamster’s not.

2012-11-15 19.49.50

(You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?)

But I digress.

Early mornings are my haven.  I hate getting up at o’dark thirty to hit the gym, but I do it because it’s one of the few things I do for me.  And the first thing I do after returning from the gym?  Well, after the requisite shower, of course?  I brew myself a cup of something yummy.  Coffee.  And then I queue up the next in a long line of Supernatural episodes… what?  I’m only like seven seasons behind guys. 

So, needless to say, this recent Bzzkit was a godsend.  Because my early morning quiet time just got that much better. 

When I was gifted with my Keurig two Christmases ago, one of the things I got was a box of Café Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate.  Approximately four days later, the entire box was empty.  Why?  Because the Keurig is so easy to use that my kids caught right on and proceeded to deplete my stash of hot chocolate.  Darn them anyway!

As you can imagine, I was very anxious to dive into my sampler boxes and begin my journey.  But what do I start with?  Mocha?  Caramel?  Vanilla?  I went for the Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate.


(Let me thank Mischief for allowing me the use of her mug for this shot)

Now, I don’t normally go for hot drinks at all.  I’m weird like that.  But  I have an unrequited love for dark chocolate anything so I knew this had to be my first taste.  I wasn’t disappointed either.  Rich, creamy, decadently chocolately, it was the perfect cup of hot chocolate.  Well, almost.


 (I have issues, okay?  Don’t judge.)

There.  Now that’s the perfect cup of hot chocolate.  One Café Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate k-cup topped with homemade chocolate whipped cream and a pinch of chocolate sprinkles.  How could my morning get any better?

But seriously, I’m getting carried away here.  On to the other flavors!  Keurig, ahoy!

The Café Caramel was probably my most favorite.  I know for a fact it is my 11-year-old’s favorite as she sat eyeing the remaining k-cup last night.  It’s just sweet enough to be an after dinner treat, but not so sweet you want to dump it out after three sips either.  Mischief likes hers hot, but I discovered they’re very tasty cold as well. 

The Café Vanilla and Café Mocha are also real winners.  Over ice, the Café Vanilla is reminiscent of a vanilla milkshake.  Very good with a bowl of Cheerios in the morning.  The Café Mocha is just plain good any time of the day.  With breakfast, after dinner, or at 2 in the afternoon when you need that little pick-me-up. 

I will admit that I did not try the Chai Latte because truthfully?  I’m not a fan of Chai.  However, I did pass that sample k-cup on to a friend who I know will appreciate it.  A lot.  And since she’s only just gotten her first Keurig?  I gave her coupons and a list of my favorite blends to go scavenge for.  ‘Cause I’m helpful that way.

Anyway… let me sum up… these Café Escapes k-cups, both the coffee flavors and the hot chocolates, are a great indulgent treat that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth or just your need to pamper yourself with something special.  They’re great to keep on hand for those times when you just want something a little bit different.  Or, for those times that come more often… those moments when you need to make the kids happy.  Hah. 

So, go forth and treat yourself… and more importantly, enjoy those quiet moments while you can still grab them.


Disclaimer: I am a member of BzzAgent and received coupons in order to try out these products for free in exchange for a fair review.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mists & Oil Diffusers

I’ve long been a fan of Glade’s many fragrances and varied options for livening up your home.  Over the years, I’ve used their candles, sprays, and always love to try their new fragrances.  I was very happy to be able to experience these two new products. 

First up is the Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser.


Pretty, isn’t it?  I love the simple design and the ease with which it comes together.  The refills are easy to use and install and the fragrance is wonderful.  I will say this, it was a bit strong when I first set it up, but within an hour or so, it had mellowed out to a nice level.  I picked the Pineapple & Mangosteen scent as I prefer fresh, fruity scents. 

Next is the Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist.


I think the streamlined, simple design is perfect.  Pretty and unobtrusive, you can let it sit out amongst the décor without detracting from anything.  My favorite thing about this is that it lets out a nice, fine mist as opposed to the harsh blasts of spray you get out of most air fresheners.  That’s a big plus when you have a paranoid cat who runs for the hills anytime you spray anything.  Again, I picked the Pineapple & Mangosteen scent as it was what the family chose.  It gives the house a light, fresh feel and doesn’t disturb the already disturbed cat, which is always important. 

Amusing side story.  One of my children, who shall remain nameless for the moment, put a container of Easy Mac into the microwave this morning.  However, in doing so, she also managed to forget to add the water.  Needless to say, my kitchen and living room reeked of burnt macaroni this morning.  I have never been so thankful for Glade products as I was this morning. 

Disclaimer: I am a member of BzzAgent and received coupons in order to try out these products for free in exchange for a fair review.