Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

So, it’s another new year, eh?  I’m thinking that I should blog more, but then I also start thinking, “Why bother?”  Not very many people even come around these parts any longer.

But then, I remind myself that that’s never really stopped me before and, since I like to hold intense, in-depth conversations with myself, this is a perfectly acceptable way to do just that.

So, forget you all. 



Today is my baby’s 11th birthday, however, so that’s at least something to talk about. 


It’s hard to think that this little munchkin is now eleven.  *sobs*


(although check back with me in a few weeks when my Princess turns THIRTEEN)

And since I’m really rather rusty at this, I’ll spam you with more pics I’ve taken this week.  Mostly with my phone because I’m not bright enough to remember that I carry a 14 mega-pixel camera with me everywhere I go.  Eh, whatever.

2013-01-01 12.28.04

My biggest accomplishment of New Year’s Day was the cleaning of my desk.  My gods was it cluttered!  Look at it now, all nice and neat and so much space for the cat to relax on!

2013-01-01 11.47.12

I sometimes wonder who has the bigger stuffed animal obsession – me or my children.  I tend to think that it’s me.  (And the scary thing is, this is just the couple I have downstairs on my desk)

2013-01-04 06.52.47

Just a sampling of the things I watch to pass my mornings because I’m nothing if not eclectic.  SwapaDVD for the win.

Hopefully next week I’ll have something much more exciting for you. 

But I wouldn’t’ count on it.




Lisa (momsaga) said...

I have an abandoned blog as well. I was thinking the turning of a new year should inspire me to start again but .... I don't feel inspired. ;)

My oldest turned 13 this year, too, and he started Jr. High. I feel soooo old when I think about this much. The scariest is that he is only 2" shorter than me now. It won't be long and I'll have to look up at him. Yikes! Time to pull out the high heels again!

Looking forward to the start of White Collar again in a couple weeks. Woot!

Crazy Lady said...

I kinda fell off the wagon when people stopped reading, but I can't be bothered to care any longer. ROFL But I do understand the whole uninspired thing. Which is why, nine times out of ten, you'll find pics of my animals and not much else. LOL

Wow! If it makes you feel any better, my eleven year old daughter is only 2" shorter than I am and that doesn't exactly make me very happy either. I'd break my neck in high heels though, so I'll leave those to you.

Ooooh... me too. White Collar and Suits and yeah...

Funny that you commented on this though - I was thinking of you earlier when I started reading Notorious Nineteen today. :)

Anonymous said...
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