Friday, February 3, 2012

Kitteh Pic Spam

I haven’t posted in awhile, and when I seem to do, it’s always so much doom and gloom.  Going to change that today.

We’ve had Buddy for a year now and yet, I still don’t remember to post very many pictures of him.  Tragedy.

February 2011.  A few weeks after we brought him home.  He was just barely a year old.

2011-02-20 12.22.57

June 2011.

2011-06-21 19.28.02

Um… hello Mama.  No, I wasn’t reading your books.  Not me.

2011-06-23 20.00.27

See, even my cat supports reading in all its forms.  (That’s my Kindle on top of two hardback and one trade paperback)

2011-06-26 12.44.05

July 2011.

2011-07-06 18.22.07

November 2011.  Me and my Kitty.  And yes, I do need two drinks, thank you.

2011-11-23 20.41.31

January 2012.  Buddy keeping watch at my feet.

2012-01-16 19.08.05

This was January also.  Buddy helping Zan empty the dishwasher.


…and clean the fridge, too.


And finally… Princess found this car magnet at our local, independent pet supply store.  Zan, of course, bought it for me.

2011-12-20 07.04.48


~The Crazy Cat Lady (it’s official now)