Monday, December 12, 2011

Things That Annoy Me Today

Or, rather, things that annoy me every day but are even more annoying today.

1.  “When you have time could you…” and then they stand right in front of you until you stop whatever it is that you’re doing and do what they’re asking.

2.  “We need to get together on this and figure something out.”  You reply with, “This is what we decided on last time,” meaning that this is what they decided on last time.  “Oh.  Well, it’s not enough.  We need to change it.”  Again.  And by the way, thanks for friggen telling me.  Can you please just make up your mind and stick with something for once?

3.  My cat, constantly underfoot and meowing.  Yes, I know, he can’t help it, especially when I’m the only one up and about, but some days I just can’t take it. 

4.  Having to effin’ work.  Well, this doesn’t usually annoy me as I do enjoy my job, but I’m not in the most sociable of moods today, so I’m much better off in a cold, dank cave somewhere off the coast of Ireland.  Or Iceland. Or somewhere.  Really.

5.  Constantly being annoyed at every.  Little.  Thing.  that happens.  GAH.

~The Crazy, Easily Annoyed Woman in the Corner Bawling