Monday, January 10, 2011

Sad Days

It’s been a few days and hopefully now I can get through this without breaking down.

Last Wednesday, January 5th, we lost our beloved boy, Tiger.  He’d been not feeling well for awhile, but over the weekend, he’d started to come back to himself.  We’d thought he was getting better.  We were wrong.

When I got up Wednesday morning, he was lying on his side in the girls’ toy room.  I reached down to pet him and he barely moved.  He did nothing but lie in Troy’s arms all day where he eventually passed. 


His passing was the hardest thing I’ve had to face, animal-wise, since he was utterly and completely my kids’ cat.  He’d follow those two kids around everywhere.  He spent every night curled up beside them in their beds.  You’d tell him, “Tiger, your girls are in bed,” and he’d do a quick scan of the living room and then head upstairs to join them.  And heaven help you if they were somewhere else for a night… poor cat had no idea what to do with himself.  So, he’d terrorize the other cats and spend the night knocking things over. 


I’m going to miss that cross-eyed little freak cat.  He was a very special animal and we’ll never forget him.


We love you, Tigey.

~Mama, Daddy, Taylor and Madison

(with a special wish from Darby, Cali, and Noelle)