Thursday, November 19, 2009


Make my mouth happy.

And my tummy happy.

And my alter-ego happy when she’s writing.

Twizzlers are also my drug of choice.


I keep them at work for those days when I just want to quit.  Or for those times when I’m dragging and just cannot make a Starbucks run (no matter how close it may be to the office).  They get along just fine with my job files and my FedEx envelopes.


I also try and keep them within grasp at all times.  Oh, and before you comment on the state of my desk, just remember, it’s all the sugar’s fault.


However, this is the best part of the Twizzlers… the eating of them.

(Lilly?  Step awaaaaaaaaaaaaay from my desk drawer, k?)

~The Crazy Twizzler Lady


Lilly Garcia said...

I'm just waiting for the day you let your guard down. If you come in one day and find all your twizzlers missing it wasn't me!

Crazy Lady said...

ROFL! And hey, not like you don't have the perfect scapegoat to blame it on... Tim is a sugar addict!

Anonymous said...

LOL good to see you have emergency packs handy!!!