Monday, July 13, 2009

Walkin’ to Jerusalem…

Late last week, I was reading my e-mail and came across an interesting item in someone’s signature line…

They had the standard weight loss stuff – start, goal and current weights – but then total miles walked.  Okay, good for them.  And then I saw the most interesting thing… below the miles walked was ‘miles to San Francisco’ and ‘miles left to SF’.  I thought that was a rather cool idea, and a great goal motivator.  So, I thought it’d be interesting to see how long it takes me to walk to all my friends…

My BFF in Tempe, AZ = 353 miles

Alana in a suburb of Houston, TX = 1415 miles

Deena in VA = 2226 miles

Julie in NJ = 2526 miles

Misty in NY (used NYC as my destination since I have no CLUE where she is) = 2539

And since I’ve had a particular Tracy Byrd song stuck in my head since last Friday, if I’m ‘walkin’ to Jerusalem’, it’ll be = 7376 miles to Bethlehem. :)

So, after this morning, I’m 1.53 miles in.  I ought to arrive in Tempe in 71 weeks. LMAO.

~The Crazy Walking Lady


Anonymous said...

LOL very cool, and when you make it to Houston, come and visit me :)