Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun with Spam

No, and not the stuff in a can.

Spam sucks, we all get it, right?  Well, have you ever gotten one that just made you LOL - even if it was against your will?  I've had a few.

Up until today, my favorite had been:  Congrats!  Your new p*nis has arrived!  I had to re-read that subject line twice before I deleted it.  I was like - WHAT?  I don't remember ordering one...  And I wonder if its the right size?

But seriously, I scan the subject lines and/or 'From' lines before clearing out my Spam folder in Gmail.  Why?  Because Gmail is really good about catching the spam, however, its also really good about sending people in my address book into spam.  So, I always check, just to be sure.

So, this morning I got a message that said, Bad news from the White House!  Um, okay.  I had no idea the president even had my e-mail.  And seriously?  Mr. Obama, as much as I appreciate it, I highly doubt I'm going to be of any help.


Gotta love the spammers, right?

~The Crazy Spam Lady


Anonymous said...

Oh lord spammers are so special. I always love the ones that either promise to give me millions or enlarge body parts LOL.

Redheaded Mama said...

LOL AK! I love the ones that promise to enlarge body parts I don't even HAVE!

Crazy Lady- I also love how Gmail sends certain messages to SPAM... mainly yours, which is odd since I think I have ALL your email addresses in my address book.

Anonymous said...

Hey I gave you an award :) check out my blog :)