Saturday, March 21, 2009

Really Zan...

Grow some balls.


Now, I love my husband, but when it comes to his friends he is the world's biggest pansy.  He's also the world's largest leprechaun at 6' 4", but that's another story... I once worked with a real leprechaun, however, and his name was Carl.  I wanted to hug him and kiss him and stroke him and call him George...

Um, wait, I got sidetracked...

Right!  Spineless men... Anyway, our token Canadian, M, invited Zan and Slappy out to a hockey game tonight.  I was ticked because I love hockey.  Zan, not so much, but he loves any kind of live sporting event.  But whatever, they are his friends (even if I do feed them all).  Well, in talking to my charming husband, I discover that HE is driving EVERYONE to the hockey game tonight and WANTS TO TAKE MY TRUCK.

Wait... why are YOU driving, honey?  Can't Slappy drive?  (I figured M wouldn't be because he drives a motorcycle and as amusing as it'd be to see Zan's wobbly white ass on the back of a motorcycle, that's SO NOT FAIR to M).  His response?  Slappy's car is too small and he and M are tall people.  While that is true, I still don't get it.  He drives EVERY TIME they all go anywhere together.  And usually, they take MY TRUCK.

A few weeks ago, Zan and M went to the races and Zan drove.  Okay, that was fine since M sprung for the tickets - and they aren't cheap.  The least Zan could do was buy M lunch and drive.  But this time?  And all the other times?  Why can't someone else?  Its not like his other friends don't all drive 4-person vehicles or anything.  Zan makes his excuses, but truth is, he gets volunteered and just can't say no.  Thus all the poker parties we host.  However, THAT is a whole other novel in itself.

I guess I'm just aggravated.  Why are we the ones to always have to volunteer up our gas?  Especially since no one ever even offers to chip in.  Even if Zan didn't take it, they could so much as offer.  But no one ever does.  It all comes down to the fact that I feel like my goodhearted husband is being taken advantage of sometimes and he just lets it happen.  Maybe I'm being a bitch, but I'm on a rampage anyway tonight (as I silently thank the gods that no one knows my LiveJournal account LOL) and I'm just so annoyed at all of this.

I love him.  Too much sometimes.  And I like his friends.  But I think they know he's an easy touch.  And that makes me mad.

But what doesn't make me mad these days?  ROFL

I think it's time to shut up now.  Good night!

~The Even Crazier Lady


Anonymous said...

It sucks that they take advantage of him like that. I know I tend to be the one that gets taken advantage of too. So decided this year to put my foot down lol.

Good luck :)

Crazy Lady said...

Thanks. And you too. It's hard making that change.