Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Happy Blogger

Hasn’t been all that happy lately, and thus, a lack of idiotic blogs.  I know, you’re thankful.

I have, however, been rather freaking lucky.  A bunch of books on my wish list over at PaperBackSwap have become available.  In the last ten days, I’ve received:

Princess Ai: Evolution – Volume 3 in this manga series

The Vampire Genevieve by Jack Yeovil

Broken by Megan Hart (and I’m just PRAYING this was better than DIRTY)

Staked by J. F. Lewis

Bright Lights, Big Ass by Jen Lancaster

AND, believe it or not, I’ve WON four books!  Yes, four! 

Carrie’s Story and Safe Word by (and FROM!) Molly Weathersfield

The Macauley Bride by (and again FROM!) Nancy Pirri

And a book by Dianna Love Snell but my mind is failing when it comes to the title. 

How cool is that?  FOUR autographed books in about three weeks? 

Yeah, I’m a braggart but you love me anyway.


Monday, February 16, 2009


So, I’m sitting here, planning on writing a blog on the real ideas behind Valentine’s Day since so many people seem to be so down on it when I look into a little-used e-mail account and find…

A contract.

Yeah.  For something that I WROTE.  Un-fucking-believable. 

I knew it had been accepted several weeks ago, but I had to add a scene on (which made sense to me, but still freaked me out having to change something that they had already thought was great) and, pending that addition, I’d get the contract.

Apparently, they liked it.


So, I’ve been crying for the last half hour, praying no one walks back into my office.  I swear, I cannot explain to my male boss(es) why I’m bawling… had I written your usual sort of story, I’d be all over the office, bragging… but considering there’s only one other woman in the entire company, I don’t see bragging about getting some erotica published as being much of an option.


Yeah, that’d make the workplace FUN, wouldn’t it?  Tell 40 construction workers that you write porn (but not really) in your spare time?  Yeaaaah.  How about not?

~Your excited and frightened soon to be PUBLISHED Crazy Lady