Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scrapping Gone to the Fuzzy Side

Yeah, I know... I have no life.  Anyway, I belong to a digiscrap group and our weekend challenge was to scrap something with our fur babies. 

So, I started with the hamsters.

For those of you who don't know, from top to bottom we have:

Sasha, dwarf black Russian.  Oct 2007 ~ Oct 2008

Butterfinger, long-haired male Syrian (teddy bear), Oct 2007 ~ December 2008

Destiny, a white hamster of some kind.  Not sure if she's a white Russian (hah!) or a winter white.  She came to live with us on election day.  Maybe we should've named her Barrack. :)


And then we have the kitties.  Left to right we have:

Tiger, a Siamese-Himalayan mix.  He's 6 years old.

Darby, a cranky calico.  She's 14 years old.

Cali, an annoying tortoiseshell who has stolen my heating pad since I've gotten up.  She'll be 8 just a few days before Princess' 9th birthday in February.


So, those are my fuzzy babies.  Hope you enjoyed.

~Amy, the animal loving crazy lady

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Should I Be Angry...

Or should I be amused?

On my way home tonight, I was cut off on the freeway by a white Nissan Xterra...

But, on the back it said... On some beach, somewhere...


LMAO, knowing maybe um, one person will get this...


Bad Case of the Blahs

Despite the discovery of hidden goodies in my top desk drawer, I have just that – a bad case of the blahs. 

At the risk of sounding whiney or some other crap, I’ll not go into it.  I will say however, that I’ve managed to read three short but scorching m/m novels, pushed ever forward in the often neglected DEJA DEAD, been digi scrapping, blogging on my other blogs and generally staying away from people. 

As soon as I can pull my head out of the funny yet steamy story I’m reading now, I’ll post reviews of the three shorts (ha ha) I read on my book blog

Tonight is Zan’s first night back to Wednesday night tennis.  He went back to playing on Saturday mornings with his dad and friends a few weeks ago, but hasn’t played in his league in probably a year.  He’s missed it – he loves the guy that runs it and has really gotten to know some of the regulars over the last several years he’s been playing. 

Today’s song: Mexico by Clay Walker

Today’s book(s):Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed – Jami Davenport, Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich and Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs

Today’s Personality: Zooka since he’s quite, laid-back and generally unconcerned with the future, only with the moment.

Today’s picture to make you smile:

funny pictures of cats with captions



Digging around in my desk, looking for my box of staples I found:

Altoids Mints Dark Chocolate Peppermint - Click to enlarge

Sooo, at least the chocolate craving is taken care of for now.


~Your Crazy Minty Lady

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Too Sexy for New York...

And you all wonder why I love him so much?

(stolen from The Boot)

Blake Shelton: 'I'm Too Sexy For New York'

Posted Dec 15th 2008 8:00AM by The Boot Staff
Filed under: New Video, Humor

Blake Shelton stopped by The Boot's New York offices on the very same day PEOPLE magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue hit newsstands. Blake just happens to be featured inside the coveted issue. So, we took a stroll with the 'Sexiest Country Singer' in downtown Manhattan to buy a copy of the magazine. Watch him get mobbed by fan after fan in this hilarious video.

And the World Wonders Why I’m Always so Confused…


Your horoscopes for Thursday January 08, 2009

General Daily Horoscope for everyone

Once again, we seem to be buffeted about by contradictory planetary energies as conservative Saturn says one thing and progressive Uranus says another. We move from a mentally restrictive Mercury-Saturn aspect this morning toward a brilliantly expressive Sun-Uranus aspect tomorrow. Meanwhile, the dualistic Gemini Moon shuffles our feelings back and forth between these cosmic opposites. We are like the Twins now with our mutually opposing desires.

I guess the good news is that this is a general horrorscope for EVERYONE.  LOL

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


First, explain to me why no one can ever ask me to do anything when I’m not actually busy.  Yeah, you know what I mean.  They wait until you're knee-deep in something actually important before making you drop whatever it is to do something for them.

Now, explain to me why it is that they ask you to do something and get it done fast and then act surprised when you get it done… fast.

And I think my boss left his sense of humor in Peru.  So, joking so that I don’t murder someone is out. 

Joy.  You know you wanna be me.  LOL

Ya know, at least I have a job that pays well with decent benefits.  It could be worse.  Yeah, keep telling yourself that. LOL


Sunday, January 4, 2009

New You Bootcamp = New ME?

Maybe, if it doesn't kill me first. LOL

SparkPeople has started a New YOU Bootcamp that began today, January 4th.  URGH... Could it have waited until the day after my child's birthday?  Nope, guess not. 

The goal is to do one 10-minute bootcamp video a day, plus 30 minutes of cardio on your own.  Well, got my 30+ minutes of cardio walking the mall.  Night high-impact or even high-energy, but I was on my feet and moving.  And, now that I've gone and done my 10-minute kickboxing video, I think I'm ready to keel over... Add to that the *cough* other exercise I got today and well, um, I'm ready for bed... LOL

If you're interested and want to join me, the SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp Challenge is free and a lot of fun.  Not only that, but by joining you get a free food and fitness tracker online as well as access to forums, articles and a ton of recipes.  So, see ya there... if you're not chicken.  LOL

~Your hopefully soon-to-be NEW AND IMPROVED (and crazier?) Crazy Lady