Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

(And thanks Beth, I think I'm having this kind of tree next year)

Anyway, this can be a rough time of year for a lot of people, especially if you're missing or have lost someone you love.  It's odd for me this year because I have been missing my father for the first time in many, many years.  When he died, we weren't on the best of terms, although he had made an effort.  He tore our family apart, and yet, I'll always love him.  Why?  Because he is who he is.  And because he, more than anyone I really know, has made me the person that I AM today.

But it's okay, Dad, I won't hold THAT against you.

I guess having a father that wasn't exactly Father of the Year material has helped in a lot of ways.  I persevere.  I get by until I can get through.  I try to be the very best wife and mother that I damn well can be.  I often fail miserably just when I'm needed most, but I put that foot forward and I DO IT, fail or succeed. 

And I hope that, if anything, that my girls can learn at least that much from me.  That I love them enough to stick my neck out and take chances just to enrich their lives.

So, I'm not the religious type nor am I the type to go on and on about what I'm thankful for, etc. I believe in telling those that you're thankful for that you ARE every time you can.  No need to make lists or shout outs over here.  I do my best and if that isn't enough, I doubt I'll ever make you happy. 

I believe in the season, pagan or not, I do believe. 

I also obviously believe in babbling because um, well, I do it rather well, don't I?

So, on that note:


Blessings, best wishes, and here's to another year full of good friends, better food, and the best books and music we can find!

~Your Favorite (admit it, it's true!) Crazy Lady thinking about butterflies in December...


Qwill said...

Merry Christmas! Hugs to you and yours.

Redheaded Mama said...

Funny that you were thinking about butterflies, we had them in the front yard on Christmas Day.
Hope you had a merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!