Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kids and Their Mouths

So last night Zan decides I need a night off <insert eye roll here> and shouldn’t have to cook.  I’m immediately suspicious, but not overly so, we haven’t eaten in a restaurant in months. 

We’re outside and my younger child, Mischief, looks into the sky and stares at the sliver of moon visible.  She grins and says, “I can see the dark side of the moon!”  Zan and I stop in our tracks, laughing so hard that both children stare at us.  He accuses me of corrupting them with Pink Floyd and I deny it (I just never thought of it, to be honest).  What we think she meant was that she could see the dark part of the moon, but who knows with that kid.

Fast forward to the parking lot.  Driving in, I see a young woman in a prom-type dress and wonder if it might be Homecoming night, although it’s a bit late in the year for that.  Didn’t think too much on it until we’re getting out of the car and see two more girls dressed in similar dresses and a young man in a tux.  Something’s certainly going on.

We go in and have a seat.  Our waitress takes our drink orders and we wait.  As we’re sitting there, Zan starts to laugh and says, “Nope, not Homecoming.”  I look up and see a lady in a wedding dress come in with her entire wedding party.  Now I’m laughing.  I mean, we’re in an upscale bar-type restaurant. 

Princess is watching the bride intently and then frowns suddenly.  I ask what was wrong and she tells me the bride is creepy.  WHAT?  “Yeah, creepy, Mama.  Her make up and eye shadow and just creepy!”  Oh.  Mah.  Gawd.  LOL  I’m so glad they were quite far away from us. 

On a side note, I mentioned a certain someone coming to concert and Zan tells me to buy tickets.  Despite the tickets only being $35 each, I inform him that we’re just too broke with Christmas coming up and all.  Any other time, I could have worked it out, but not this time of year.  He tells me to buy the damn tickets.  He’s smiling and I can’t figure out why.  Finally, he spills.  He got his Christmas bonus.  So, I’m buying the damn tickets!  LOL

I’m so loved. LMAO.

~The Crazy Blake Lady (yet again this year)


Redheaded Mama said...

LOL about the girls...

WOOHOO on the damn tickets.

Wish we got our bonus BEFORE Christmas... stupid company.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are too funny.

Woot on the tickets.

Congrats on bonus. I hope my boss will give a bonus this year (working for a stockbroker, what was I thinking LOL), my car needs some TLC LOL.

Crazy Lady said...

Alana: Thanks. I probably won't get to go ANYWHERE next year after two trips and four concerts... And for the bonus, just be happy to get one, I know I am - no matter when it comes.

AK: Yeah, they're goofs, but I love them. Wanna swap one for a Rottie? Your poor car, hope you get a bonus too.