Monday, November 24, 2008

Lies! All Lies! Plus a DOH!

Zan and I fell in love with Terry Goodkind way back in 1994 when Wizard’s First Rule initially came out.  So, when we read that there was going to be a mini-series of a sorts based on the Sword of Truth series, we were very excited.

The good: I think they’ve done a good job with the casting.  Richard’s not quite how I pictured him, nor is Zedd, but I think Kahlan is dead on.  I think the actors portray the characters accurately, even if they’re not written quite right. 

The bad: I think they took the idea of the original storyline and ran off the cliff with it.  Zan is driving me NUTS with his whining during each show about how this isn’t right and why’d they have to change THAT.  And, while I agree with him, he doesn’t have to KEEP WATCHING IF HE DOESN’T LIKE IT!  LOL

All in all, I’m enjoying it, changes aside.  One thing I have to give them uber props on is the fact that they did NOT water down Kahlan’s character at all.  She is still one bad ass bitch, and that makes me happy.  LOL

And now, are you ready for my big DOH of the week?  The middle of last week sometime, I smacked my left leg, just above and to the outside of my knee on our coffee table, giving myself a nice purple bruise.  Friday night, I smacked my right leg, right ON the knee on the same corner of the same table, giving myself yet another grapey bruise in almost the same spot as on my other leg.  I now have a nice matching set. LOL  THEN, Saturday, I park near one of those medians full of rocks at the grocery store.  Yeah, you can see it coming, can’t you?  Well, I’ve been congested for the last couple weeks, so my equilibrium has been of.  Yeah, more than usual, thanks.  The kids load themselves into the car and I’m loading the groceries when suddenly, I lose my balance and fall on my ass.  The left side, that is.  So, now I have three more nice bluish bruises (now with SCRATCHES!  Get yours today!) along my left calf, thigh, and butt cheek. 

You so want to be me, don’t you?

~Your Bruised Crazy Lady


Anonymous said...

Good to see there is someone else that is as klutzy as me. And on top I bruise easily so Im always walking around with bruises, most that I don't remember ever getting LOL.

Crazy Lady said...

No joke, AK! Me too. And yeah, I'm a terminal klutz. My death will be my own fault, I have no doubt. LOL

Redheaded Mama said...

"You so want to be me, don’t you?"
I think there are more of us walking around than you really realize.