Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fugitives and Supergirl!

So, Thursday morning, Destiny, our little fuzzy white dwarf hamster, was out getting her exercise while Zan and I put together the two side dishes he promised his parents he'd make.  We put her up when we were ready to leave and didn't think about her until we got home later that night.

Friday morning, I got up and noticed she wasn't out and about like usual, but didn't think much of it.  She has an odd schedule.  Well, later Friday afternoon, I started to get concerned so I figured I'd poke around in her cage and wake her up, insuring she was okay.  Turns out, she wasn't in her cage. 

This discovery starts a mass search for the little fuzzy.  We can't find her anywhere, so we just try and calm down, knowing that Butterfinger, on the odd occasions he would get out, always returned.  So, I put her cage on the floor (did I mention that it was up on a coffee table?) and open the door, placing some fresh veggies on the inside to entice her home. 

Later that night, I saw a flash of white racing through the kitchen, but I didn't get to her before she disappeared.  Quick little brat.  So, Zan gets the brilliant idea to put out some food by where we think she disappeared.  Genius!  He gets bonus points for a change.  Well, his only mistake was leaving it too far away from the area she was hiding. 

She found the food and started munching this morning.  However, the cats found her and chased her back behind the refrigerator (I saw this time) and she climbed into a small hole behind the cabinets.  No wonder we couldn't find her!  So, I moved the food closer to her and waited.  I hung out, cleaning my kitchen and stuff, watching for her the whole time.  Eventually, she snuck back out.

Princess noticed her and caught my attention.  She was so busy stuffing her little pouches that she didn't even think to flee when I tried to pick her up.  So, after almost 2 days, Destiny is back in her cage, in solitary confinement.  She's happy though, running around and eating. 

So, where does Supergirl come into all this?

Destiny hadn't been back in her cage for more than twenty minutes when Zan comes downstairs.  He starts talking to the fugitive and to Princess, who was on the floor by the cage.  I'm over here at my computer when I hear, "You CAN get out that way you little brat!"  Since we had no idea how she got out, I jumped up from my computer chair, snagged my toes on the opposite pant leg and crashed to the kitchen floor.

Stupid ceramic tile.  Why'd I ever put that in anyway?

Sadly, my attempt at flying was more along the lines of The Greatest American Hero than anything else (and if you don't get that, you're too young).  But, did anyone really expect anything better out of me?  Zan just laughed when he saw I was okay, saying, "You look like one of those chalk outlines..."  He even offered to get the chalk for me...

Anyway, turns out that the little brat was escaping through a hole in the roof.  Her water bottle hung down from the top of the cage.  However, she's bigger than what Sasha was and had to contort herself to get water out of that bottle.  In an effort to help her out, I got one of the ones that hangs on the SIDE of the cage so I could adjust the height.  I never thought once that she'd climb her slide and make a break for it.  And that's what Zan meant - he saw her poke her head out and then heave herself through the hole.  I have since plugged the hole, once I was able to walk again. 

And now, she's pouting.  LOL

Heaven help me, it's only Saturday... still one day left for hell to break loose.



Redheaded Mama said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that's tripped on my pants' leg like that.
*does a happy dance* that fuzzy butt is safe from the bigger carnivorous fuzzy butts and that you figured out how she got out.

Anonymous said...

Sneaky little devils aren't they LOL. Good to hear she is home and safe.

Be careful, not that I can say anything since Im such a clutz too. Hope you had a wonder thanksgiving!