Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Destiny Calls...

Many of you may know that about three weeks ago, we lost our dwarf black Russian hamster, Sasha.  She'd been ill and suffering with a tumor.  Poor baby had a seizure and passed.  Since then, the girls have been begging for another hamster and Zan keeps saying NO.  And it doesn't matter how much I bat my eyes at him..

So, today he gets kicked out so his boss can go vote (he works out of his boss' house) and he CALLS me to tell me that he went to the PET STORE and found the cutest hamster. 

THEN the jerks SENDS it to me.  *sigh*  This little baby is pure white with just a hint of grey here and there.  I couldn't tell if she was another Campbell's or if she was a Winter White (which I have recently read are different breeds).  I ooh and ahh and he laughs at me. 

Being the loving man that he is, he says he'll call and find out how late that pet store is open, and also ask if they can hold her for us as well.  I think that maybe, finally, we might get another hamster.  I mean, after all, we ONLY have four pets, right Mischief?

Anyway, so I come home and find Sasha's old cage sitting on the kitchen counter.  I'm like YEAH!  He's going to go for it!  And that's when I notice there's something... in the cage.

Would you believe that he went BACK to the pet store to get this little fluffy ball of fur for us?  He won't admit it, but I think he fell in love with our new little family member the minute he saw her.  He even admitted to holding her, something he rarely did with Sasha or Butterfinger, our resident hamster-gone-Guinea pig. 

So, enough rambling.  Meet Destiny.


She's a curious and active little thing, about jumped out of my hand the first time I held her.


And for some odd reason, she'd rather lay beside or behind her house instead of in it.  But whatever, as long as she's happy, right?


And don't forget to check out my sidebar - I added pictures of Cali, my freak cat, and Darby, our 14-year old kitty, as well.  Need to get a good one of Tiger - his eyes always turn either red or gold on me.  And look at the bottom of the blog too... LOL 

~The Crazy Hamster Lady


beth kery said...

OOOHHHH, Hello, Destiny!
Congrats, Amy. I have an inkling of how much this means to you.

Destiny Blaine said...

LOL! I just saw your post and died laughing when I saw the "Destiny, Jr."

Thank you for making my night. You rock!

Destiny :))

Redheaded Mama said...

AWW!!!! How sweet of him to do that!!

Anonymous said...

First off Tag! you are it LOL.

Ohhhh she is just adorable!!! Congrats on your new baby!

CaliGirlinVegas said...

I somehow suspected you would end up getting this little furball! lol Congratulations!