Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are You My Friend?

LOL  And suddenly, I'm having a flashback... Hey Lady, wanna be my friend (Dakota, do you have ANY idea how far back I had to go to FIND that post???)?

Anyway, ever have some sort of news that's so cool, so important, or just makes you so giddy inside that you can't keep it to yourself?  Yeah, me too, but have you ever run into that phenomenon of not really having anyone to tell?

I mean, I HAVE people to tell, but I'm not so sure that anyone really cares.  They'll be polite and tell me they care, but they just don't get it.  Ever.  And I can see the odd looks they give me when I start to gush about whatever it is that has me so excited.

And so I am sad.  I never honestly thought I was so far off the beaten path that no one would like ever get what makes me so happy.  But there it is.  I guess it's a good thing that most of my friends are such good liars.  LOL

Oh well.  I guess I'll go cuddle up with my hopes and my dreams and keep it to myself since not even the ones I know that love me more than anything (Z, S, P & M) really understand.  Although they do get it... sorta.

~TCBL (you figure out what the 'B' stand for in there) 


Redheaded Mama said...

I'm your friend!!!!

Crazy Lady said...

Yeah, I know you are, and it's appreciated, but you don't always 'get it' either, love. *hugs* anyway!!!

Dakota Cassidy said...

Dude! Yer killin' me. I found your link when I went to admin on my blog to post. On Wordpress it tells you when you've been mentioned on another blog etc.

So I come over here, read this post--and now I gotta know--what's the thing you can't tell anyone, but want to, but can't?????

Spill! LOL

Dakota :)

Terri said...

just cause your friends might not get what you are excited about they can STILL be excited that you are so excited.