Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Diagnosis: Dermatitis

Soooo… the doctor says that Mischief’s rash is contact dermatitis.  She picked it up from contact with something else.  Umm… oooookay… we’d figured that much out, dude, any more info?


Good news is, he wasn’t concerned, wrote me a script for some lotion (only $7.99 – cheaper than the freaking cortisone cream I bought OTC) and sent us home with the warning that if it doesn’t start to get better in two days, to call back.

All in all, a wasted afternoon.  Well, not completely.  I did finally get a replacement card for Princess’ shot record.  Somehow, when Daddy and Grandma registered her for Kindergarten, it went amiss.  I’m thinking that either Mom didn’t give it back to him like she swears she did or Zan lost it, not realizing what it was.  Whatever.  At least I have a new one now. LOL