Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogathon and Avoidance Therapy

Way back in early October, I had posted the first three chapters of Code Red 2 on Mika’s Blog.  Then I went on vacation.  And then I didn’t blog… LOL

So, anyway… I got a few more chapters up, some of which are new (to tie things together better).  There’s also a new short up there that was inspired by a conversation my best friend and I had on our drive home from Tombstone, while the kids were sound asleep. LOL  It’s an extremely emotional and personal piece, and I almost didn’t post it.  But there it is, for better or worse.  Not going to actively share it ANYWHERE simply for that reason.  If you stumble upon it, great.  If not?  No big deal.  It’s a bit of healing for my soul, nothing more, nothing less.

And now you’re probably wondering why all the blogging, right?  Well, I’m using it as avoidance therapy.  Concentrating on my writing and avoiding everything else. LOL  Not very healthy, I know, but I don’t know what else to do at the moment.  I mean, seriously… what do I do?  I’m bored to death with everything that ever once brought me happiness.  My Yahoo groups, PSP, reading… none of it is doing a thing to lift my mood or make me happy.  About the only thing that hasn’t failed me lately has been my writing.  I’m guessing that’s a good thing because it was always my salvation in my time of need.

With that in mind, working through whatever has recently come over me since Sasha’s death has been more difficult.  I’m sure that if I forced myself to get back in and be involved with things, I’d heal faster, but I just can’t find the strength or motivation.  I’ll pull through eventually, I always do.  Don’t have any choice, really – too many people depending on me these days to do otherwise.  So, until then, I’ll keep writing and blogging my little fingers off because, well, blogging is just online journaling and journaling is good, right?

Hell, who knows?  LOL

~TCL, Knee-deep in Ali’s messed-up love life