Monday, October 13, 2008

Arizona Trip Day 3


Saturday morning we got up much too early... Tombstone didn't open until about 10:00. LOL How eerie is this? Looks like a real ghost town, doesn't it?


We walked around for a bit and then had breakfast at the O. K. Cafe. Great breakfast too! Then, we went back to finish up our souvenir shopping and head to Boot Hill Cemetery.


Boot Hill was amazingly beautiful. And considering that it was a dark, grey, cloudy day, I was a bit creeped out. Cemeteries don't normally bother me, but then, I've never been in one so old. I honestly felt like there was a hand on my shoulder guiding my way. And then it began to rain and it all felt right. Crazy, huh?


And then we were going home. Not far out of Benson, we were stopped by the Border Patrol. The nice, cute officer sticks his head in and says, "Good morning, ladies." We all respond and he continues, "So, are we all fine American citizens in here?" Now, mind you, both my friend and her daughter are pale blondes. Shine and I are darker, but still pretty fair skinned considering. We answer in the affirmative, but as Shana is rolling up her window, Blondie shouts, "But Mom, we coulda lied about that!" LOL I've never seen my friend roll her window up so fast!

Upon arriving home, we foisted the girls off on Shine's mother for the night. Half joking, I told Shana and her parents that I wanted to visit an Indian casino. Having spent most of my life in Las Vegas, it was an odd obsession for me. We went to the Casino Arizona McKellips location. Very nice, just like a Vegas casino, although not nearly as smoky inside. Had a great dinner of a Native Taco - taco toppings piled onto fry bread. Yummy!

Day 3 ended with a margarita and a long talk with my very best friend. It doesn't get any better than that, does it?