Monday, October 13, 2008

Arizona Trip Day 2 Part 2


From a writer's standpoint, one of the neatest things I saw was the Epitaph office - Tombstone's newspaper. Absolutely amazing how the machines and such worked back then. And as to why the paper was named what it was? What does every Tombstone need other than an Epitaph?


In addition to the Historama, we got to go back and look at the museum in the O. K. Corral. In it was an old outhouse, a mock up of what Doc Holliday's room had looked like, a mechanical reenactment of the shootout, and just a ton of information on anything and everything you could imagine about the town.


Probably the most memorable part of the trip was the Haunted Tour. Here, you went through different rooms guided by the ghost of Doc Holliday. Each room had some sort of something to freak you out. One was arrows (a blast of air and a loud noise, one was bullets, another was Doc sneezing. In the last room, we were above a 'mine shaft' and the floor fell about an inch. Shine decided she'd had enough and said, "I'm out of here!" only to walk out and see the guy above. She SCREAMED. LOL


Finally, it was time for the shootout. It started up on Allen Street, and took you all the way down to the O. K. Corral. The actors did an amazing job and really drew you in. The actual gunfight took place in the O. K. Corral stage area where they put on a little show that culminated in the shootout. The actual shootout didn't take place in the O. K. Corral, but beside it.


The actual gunfight took place between the wall that this plaque stood before and Fremont Street. But, for the sake of ease, they portrayed it on a stage. The gentleman above, playing Doc Holliday was excellent. He had it down. So did all the others - it was very convincing and realistic. Afterwards, you had the chance to go down to Big Nose Kate's Saloon and interact with the characters. The girls weren't up to it, so we went back to the hotel room.


Eventually, we decided to drive to Bisbee, AZ, about 28 miles west, to see what kind of food we could find. Halfway there, we get caught in a downpour. A torrential downpour at that. Rain, wind, hail, lighting, running javelinas, you name it. LOL By the time we got to Bisbee, the entire town had shut down for the night. Apparently there is no food in Bisbee.


So, we turned around and drove BACK into Tombstone and got dinner at Morgan's Pizza. While the pizza was cooking, we made a mad dash for Circle K for drinks and candy. There, we found the Tombstone Marshal and his dirty patrol car. The marshal was nice, even smiled at me. We ran back, got our pizza and conked out in the hotel room. What a long but exciting day!