Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Politics (the good kind), Plagues, and...

And I couldn't come up with another 'p' word that referred to a grocery store.  LOL  Ah, PRODUCE!  Yeah, that works.

Politics, Plagues, and Produce...

Last Friday, Princess ran and was elected to the student council for her third grade class.  Now, while I was worried at first, she's a very people-oriented person.  She's helpful, she's thoughtful, and she likes being your friend.  She's also very intuitive and can get to the heart of matters she doesn't even understand.  This could be a good thing for her. 

Poor Miss Mischief has a nasty rash on her leg.  I was starting to get better and the the nurse calls... I had to leave work to go get her and make a doctor's appointment.  Poor kid.  And it was starting to look better too.  *sigh*  Add to that the fact that I forgot Mischief wouldn't be there to meet Princess for Safe Key.  Princess will FREAK if her sister isn't there so I have to leave in *checks clock* nine minutes so I can stop by the school and let them know.  They won't take messages over the phone since they can't verify my identity... even though they KNOW I have my other child.  *double sigh*

Just a couple weeks ago, I started shopping at a place called Fresh & Easy again.  Finally have one right by me.  I was amazed at the fact that I could spend about the same amount of money (or LESS!  Less is always good!) for what I'd get at the regular store!  And the bonus?  Almost everything they sell is preservative free, organic, no hormones-added, etc.  I could care less about the organic, I'm on the fence about whether it's really better or not, but I got a package of Angus strip steaks big enough to feed my family of 4 for $7 + change!  I mean, really!  And milk was nearly $1 cheaper - no added hormones.  Now THAT is something that concerns me, having two girls.  They're moody enough at 6 and 8, please do not give them more reason!  LOL

*sighs again*  Anyway, need to go pull Mischief off Daddy's computer so we can go to the doctor.  If you made it this far, congratulations - you deserve a medal.  And it's in the mail. LOL

~TCL and Mischief