Friday, September 12, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Fuzzy

So, as you know from my earlier whine that Miss Sasha had to have a return trip to the vet to get her pouch cleaned back out today. 

The Good: Dr. Cutie only charged me $12 for a re-check visit.  Nothing for the anesthesia, nothing for the procedure (knocks her out, cleans her pouch, etc).  I think I love this man.  He even asked how she was doing, checked her out completely, let her walk a bit and observed her even.

The Bad: Turns out she has a small tumor near her rear leg, which would explain why she's been having such a hard time climbing lately.  He didn't seem too concerned about it right now since he could see for himself that she was eating (she was gnawing on a pellet when he pulled her from her tote), she was active (she ran alllll over the countertop), and that she was happy (she didn't try and take his finger off this time - I think she remembered him LOL).  He just said to keep an eye on it because they can get big.

And now, the best part: The Fuzzy...


Not the best picture, I know, but she's QUICK and sometimes it's hard.  LOL  That's actually her in my profile pic.


This is her hiding after her last trip to the vet.  Poor baby!

I think I'm more attached to her than either of my children.  Go figure.

~TCL and Sasha


Robin said...

Glad Sasha's doing so much better. Sorry about the tumor but if the doctor isn't too worried, I don't guess you should be either.

Pic may be fuzzy, but then so is she...*G* She's a cutie.

Robin S.