Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Subtle Magic

The first in the Subtle Lovers series by Beth Kery is Subtle Magic.  (Shamelessly copied and pasted from Beth's website...)

Subtle Magic by Beth KeryPublisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN 9781419908781
Genre: Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Series: Subtle Lovers #1

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Duse Ammadon has been without Skylar for over four hundred years and he’ll not wait another minute. His life mate is the first to be reincarnated since the depraved Watcher, Asmoday, killed his brother’s mate, forcing her into a sexual response, which robbed her of her magic essences. Now a whole world of criminal possibilities has opened to the once innocent race of Watchers. Because Duse knows Skylar could be the next target for Asmoday’s depravity, he doesn’t have the luxury of re-introducing Skylar to Watcher ways or for a slow, patient seduction. To set the protection spell, he has to make love to her immediately. If only she could remember him from one lifetime to another.

Skylar Halifax always knew she was different. She could see auras and manipulate subtle matter to promote healing. She sensed there was something unique about Duse, something beyond his god-in-man form and phenomenal good looks. Duse can’t waste any time convincing Skylar that he is different. So different, in fact, that he’s not even human.

Will Skylar accept Duse as her life mate or will Duse have to use other means to convince her that he is her destiny?

I loved the whole premise of this series from the very beginning.  Just the idea of subtle matter and the male Watcher feeding off his mate's release is brilliant.  And despite Duse's male ego, their struggles to get together and stay together are the real kind - not what you find in a lot of novels.  You know what I mean, where the hero/heroine says no just to push the story a few more pages.  Their fears and insecurities are the type we all have - human and otherworldly beings alike.  LOL

Between the steamy hot sex, the intense reactions of the two main characters to each other, and the tense storyline, you don't want to put this one down once you pick it up!

~Your Crazy Lady, off to find Subtle Touch on her computer...


Robin Snodgrass said...

Great review Amy! If you ever decide to do it for a group, let me know - Romance Junkies would be happy to have you!