Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poor Baby


This is my little sweetheart, Sasha.  She's also the furry blur I use as my avatar off to the side here...  She's a dwarf black (Campbell's) Russian hamster and we've had her for about ten months now.  Not sure how old she was when we got her, but I'm betting she's at least a year old. 


Anyway, she's always been a happy, healthy hamster.  Saturday, however, I noticed a big lump in one of her pouches and got concerned.  Took me five vets before I could find one to treat her.  Well, okay, it took me four but one had it's hamster vet on vacation. 


After waiting forever (they were way backed up), I got my poor baby in to see the vet and he un-impacted her poor little pouch.  She had a bit of an infection so I now have to give her oral antibiotics every day.  Yeah.  That's a LOT of fun.  LOL  Luckily, she must like the taste of the stuff or something because she licks it right off the syringe.  But, as of this morning, her pouch was back to normal (the above picture is from Monday afternoon, shortly after her surgery), no swelling to be seen.


She's back to being a happy hamster already.  Last night, I saw her up and called to her and she ran to the cage door to be taken out, something she hasn't done in a few weeks.  Butterfinger (above), is the same old hamster as always - happy, sweet, and hungry.

~Your Animal Loving Crazy Lady


Redheaded Mama said...

Poor little fluffy butt :(

Glad to hear she's feeling better.