Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Husband is a Dork

But then, I'm sure you all know that by now.

Zan has been reading this series of books by Joe Abercrombie called The First Law.  He stumbled upon book 1, The Blade Itself, by accident while browsing in the book store one day. 

So, my relative non-reader of a husband devoured that book and immediately asked me to pick up book 2, Before They Are HangedIn an effort to keep him reading, I agreed.

Well, he comes home last night looking all pouty-faced and whining, "I finished my book."  Okay, no problem.  Go look at and OOOOOPS!  Not out until September.  WHAT?  He swears he can't wait that long, although we both know he can.  So, while cruising the author's website, he discovers that book 3, Last Argument of Kings, is out NOW in the UK.  Hmm... So, on a whim, I look up just to see how much it'd set me back to order it from them, just so he can get it a month early. 

Turns out that the book, which is listed as £7.79, works out to be $15.21, only $0.21 more than what it would cost here in the states (it's a trade paperback, set at $15.00).  Cool.  Add an additional £6.98 for postage and packing (LOL!  So much nicer than shipping and handling), and it comes to £14.77 - approximately $28.86.  Not bad when you consider that the $13 or so dollars in shipping is Air Mail and scheduled to arrive August 13th!  That's darn near faster than ordering in the US! 

All I can say now is that he'd better think twice before teasing me about MY books from now on.  :)

~TCL, who really needs to read the first two before he finishes with the third...


Redheaded Mama said...

LOL, definitely something to keep in the memory banks for next time he harasses you.