Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dishonest People

So anyway, today my Dad Boss gets an invoice in the mail from Office Solution Network for a toner cartridge for our copier totally $479 FOR ONE CARTRIDGE!  Okay, so I know for a fact that this particular cartridge is only about $165.  That was the first red flag.

The second?  Maybe the fact that we haven't received it yet? LOL

But seriously, I personally do all the supply ordering and I always order from either Office Depot online or Staples (since OD doesn't carry my Dell ink), and I wouldn't EVER go to a company I knew nothing about.  I mean really - I can go two miles down the road to the company we bought the dumb machine from if I want another cartridge!

Anyway, so I call this company and the guy tells me, "Oh, it's still in transit and it should be there tomorrow."  Um, no, it won't because I didn't ask for it!  "Really?"  Would I freaking lie to you, you dishonest jerk?  So, he has the nerve to tell me that he graciously voided the invoice (and asked me if that was the only open invoice - *shudder* - if there are any more, I'm personally going to California to kill him) and that he was online, as we spoke, with UPS having them reroute the shipment.  I don't know much about UPS other than our driver is a cutie-patootie sweetheart, but I didn't think you could do that. LOL  Hey, I could be wrong!

I just hate dishonest people. If you want my business you can't treat me like that.  I can guarantee you that they will NEVER get a dime out of me.  GRRRRRR!  And, in the words of Bobbie Faye Sumrall, "And I am allergic to grrrrrrrrrrrrrr's!"  Of course, she was referring to a black bear at the time, but I think it fits here as well.

I'm just happy it is over and done with, with little or no bloodshed.  (Kept Ali out of the loop until it was too late mwahahahahahaaaaaa...)

~A Disgruntled Crazy Lady


Redheaded Mama said...

Oh my goodness!!! Why on earth would someone do that? Have you looked them up on BBB yet?

Crazy Lady said...

No, but I just might have to. I'm sure they bank on the fact that someone will look and say, "Oh, toner for the copier" and just pay it. Doesn't fly in this small of a business. :)