Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Annual Fishing Trip

Or it sure seems that way anyway.  Around about this time last year, Zan's boss invited us up to go fishing with them in Beaver, UT.  We went up for the day, not really knowing what to expect, and loved every minute of it.  This year, when they invited us up for the weekend, we jumped on it.  Zan, Princess, Mischief and I all went, along with Zan's father.

The scenery is gorgeous.  Lots and lots of green trees and littlle creeks running everywhere.  Being the desert rat that I am, I fell in love with all the lush life surrounding me.  The picture above is of a little creek that runs into Beaver.  I could have just stayed THERE the whole time.  LOL

There is also a ton of wildlife all around.  We saw cows, like the posing Daddy and Baby above, deer, birds, chipmunks, and one that we couldn't quite identify. 

Puffer Lake was full of chipmunks like the cute little guy above.  They were really sweet and very curious!  One even got within two feet of me and my granola bars.

The kids had a blast until Princess got attacked by the child-eating butterfly.  What?  Never heard of those?  Well, apparently, these viscous butterflies land on the child, refuse to fly off and totally creep them out.  Poor kid.  She loves butterflies but when this one landed on her not once, but twice, and she couldn't get him off of her... she freaked.

Zan caught five fish, while his dad only caught two.  But, in Grandpa's defense, he was too busy video taping the kids to really care. 

We left early Friday morning to go up.  Fished a little that afternoon and then spent the night in our cabin.  The girls and Grandpa played a game, and then we watched Jungle 2 Jungle with Tim Allen.

Saturday morning, we went back out to Puffer Lake and fished.  Met up with Zan's boss and wife and visited two more spots - Lebaron Reservoir and Kent's Lake.  Both spots were gorgeous, but the best fishing was still at Puffer.  That evening, after a long trek around the area, we saw several deer and then headed back to the cabin.  After a mish-mosh meal of leftover sausages (from the night before), spaghetti, and some smoked sausage, we settled down and introduced the kids to a classic movie - Back to the Future.  They weren't too sure about the movie at first, but with all the adults laughing, they soon joined in.

Sunday we headed back home.  I was both happy and sad to return home.  It's always nice to be in your own bed and using your own kitchen, but leaving all the wildlife and scenery behind was a bit sad.  I have no doubt that we'll return next year - maybe even Grandma will come along this time!

(If you are interested, all the rest of the pictures are here.)

~The Crazy Lady


Redheaded Mama said...

Looks like everyone had fun. It also looks incredibly relaxing.

(miss you!!!)

Crazy Lady said...

It was gorgeous and nice. Although I didn't get all the reading done that I'd have liked, it was nice to sit and watch the kids. And thanks. (hugs)