Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Freaking DEAF

Okay, so maybe not really but it sure seems that way right now.  Yesterday in itself was a crazy day, and I'll post about that later (I need to take some more pics first), but while Zan and I were out doing something, we get a call from his boss asking what we were doing.  Well, it was Saturday, so it's not like we really had anything going on, so we stated the obvious: nothing.

He had tickets for Toby Keith.

Yeaaaah.  I know!  *does happy dance*

So, first to perform was a group called Trailer Choir.  Zan had found them on iTunes one night so we were slightly familiar with them.  They are DEFINITELY hillbilly rockers.  But VERY good.  They actually perform the theme song from Toby's upcoming movie, Beer for My Horses.



Next up was a group I was more familiar with: Carter's Chord.  They have a song out on the radio right now called "Different Breed" and, while it's growing on me, I'm still not all that sure about it.  Zan loved it live last night and I must agree - it sounded good.  The other song they performed rocked though.


Carter's Chord was followed by an amazing set by Montgomery Gentry.  These two freaking ROCK.  And Eddie?  Oh.  Mah.  Gawd.  I'm amazed he's ever actually able to sing anything.  He's too busy dancing with his mic stand and acting out what Troy's singing.  ROFL.  But they sounded GREAT and were having so much fun that the audience couldn't help but join in.


And then on to the main act... TOBY KEITH!  Okay, so I've been a Toby fan since the first time I heard "Should've Been a Cowboy" but haven't ever been able to see him live.  I can generally swing ONE concert a year - and I try to save up to see my favorites (mainly Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw, but you probably already know that LOL) so I've never had the chance to see Toby before.  Oh my god - I can't believe what I've been missing! 

Like MG, Toby puts on a great, high-energy show that keeps you on your feet.  And he assembled a great group of people, both established and up and coming, to get us all geared up and ready for him.  About a third of the way into his show, he brings out Mica Roberts to do a few songs.  She sounded great - and I had to laugh when she did "Lady Marmalade".  I was disappointed because she has this amazing ballad out called "Things a Mama Don't Know" that she does with Toby, but instead she did a couple upbeat songs, which is cool too.  If you'd like to see what kind of actor Toby really is, hit and check out her video.  It gave me chills. 


Toby rocked into the night and did two encores.  The only warning I have is this: don't go if you have a bad heart.  LOL  Between all the fireworks and confetti blasters, I think I about had to have my heart jumped four times!  I was so impressed though, never have I been to a show where ALL the acts impressed me as much as these did last night.  If the Biggest & Baddest Tour is headed your way, I highly suggest catching it!  Despite the outrageous prices (here they were $89.50 and $103.50, or something like that), you got five acts, two of which who were headliners.  But then, considering where I live, tickets are always expensive anyway.


I'd do it all again in a heartbeat (especially for free LMAO).

~Your exhausted, deaf, voiceless Crazy Lady


CaliGirlinVegas said...

You got amazing photos! Were you close to the stage?

You're so lucky, getting into shows for free! lol

Redheaded Mama said...

You suck, I want people to offer ME free concert tickets.....
*stomps off pouting*

Crazy Lady said...

LOL Maybe Lala, but you know I don't swallow. *snickers*

beth kery said...

Wow, another activity you need a good heart for, huh? lol. Sounds like a blast. Keep that heart a pumpin'!