Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today’s Question Is…

Do I really have to care? I mean, seriously. Soo much drama, soo much crap. I just don't need this in my life. Heaven only knows, I've got enough crappy drama of my own. LOL

But, in my defense, I used to be really involved and really concerned about all my online friends and all their little disasters. I used to get really concerned and worry and all the rest. Now? Now, I just don't have the energy. Heck, I don't have the energy to run my own life the way I want to, let alone be involved with everyone else's lives the way I used to be.

Is it wrong to feel this way? Should I be more considerate, more caring? I know I should be allowed to step back once in awhile but I'm just not ever sure that I can. I think that I need to now, desperately.

Forgive me.

But, on a happier note, I got a new bookshelf.

Yes, it's true, I have a lot of books. More that I care to admit to most days. So, Zan bought me two new bookshelves – one for the living room beside my chair and one for the kitchen to replace the ancient one I've had since high school. All my cookbooks were starting to make it sag a bit. LOL Will post more boring pictures once I get that one up too. Zan had had enough once he was done with this one.

If you look closely at the bottom, you can see my hamster sleeping in his tube like the dork that he is. *shrugs* Oh well, he's just lucky he's so cute, I think. So, now that you're staring, see anything on my bookshelf that you like? LOL I think that when it comes time to put the other bookshelf together, I'm recruiting Blake to come help. Couldn't hurt any and I'm sure Zan would appreciate the help. Or lack of seeing as it's Blake I'm gonna recruit. LOL
~Your Very Frustrated Crazy Lady