Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Song of the Day Take 2

I'm sure that the lyrics of this song make why I chose it obvious. But, I wanted to give you a bit of insight into this choice anyway.

My best friend and I have known each other for over twenty years. Yeah, I know, right? And while we grew apart for many years, we're finally starting to grow back together and that, I am very happy for. The very first time I ever heard this Tim McGraw song, I thought of her. Matter of fact, it spurred me to contact her, to reach out and pull her back. It was the least I could do. After all, she pulled me off the ledge and kept me from falling into the abyss on entirely too many occasions. She's been inspiration, a shoulder when I needed it, and laugh when I didn't have one. She's held me together when I was falling apart, and allowed me to fall to pieces when I tried to remain whole. Thank you.

And, I have faith that the escapades of Ali & Red will live on long after we've given in. J My Old Friend, this song IS for you…

My Old Friend

My old friend, I recall
The times we had hanging on my wall
I wouldn't trade them for gold
Cause they laugh and they cry me
Somehow sanctify me
They're woven in the stories I have told
And tell again

My old friend, I apologize
For the years that have passed
Since the last time you and I
Dusted off those memories
But the running and the races
The people and the places
There's always somewhere else I had to be
Time gets slim, my old friend

Don't know why, don't know why
Don't know why, don't know why

My old friend, this song's for you
Cause a few simple verses
Was the least that I could do
To tell the world that you were here
Cause the love and the laughter
Will live on long after
All of the sadness and the tears
We'll meet again, my old friend

Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye

My old friend, my old friend
Goodbye, goodbye