Thursday, June 19, 2008

So Tired of this CRAP!

Anyway, so we’ve been trying to get a permit for the medical gas at this animal hospital we’re working on. Since it’s in the County and not the City, it’s a different process. In the City, it’s all through your building permit although it is inspected by the fire department. In the County, however, the general contractor has to get a permit through the fire department, which we, as the sub, use.

The Annoying Man, the one that likes to drive me crazy, has asked me about this, and how we do this like fifty times in the last several days. So, when Thé came in to ask me the same dumb question this morning, I jokingly replied (since I was really sick of having to repeat myself and obviously no one here is communicating), “Well, as I’ve told Mr. Annoying fifty times already…” and he cut me off with, “Tell me fifty-one.” Okay, I thought he was joking back, like he generally would, so I say, “Okay, but since it’s the first time you’ve asked, it’s okay.” I didn’t get any farther before he goes off on me. “So, tell it fifty-one or fifty-two, it doesn’t really matter.” I bit my tongue and TRIED to explain to him the procedure but he’s too busy lecturing me to even LISTEN. He’s going on about how we ALL have to repeat ourselves and crap but not giving me a CHANCE to give him the information he’s looking for. And he’s pissing me off.

I don’t know what I’ve done but lately he’s had NO sense of humor. And no matter what, I’m always in the wrong. I’m tired of this. And yanno, I have ceased to care whether he’s busy or not. Or stressed. Why? Because when I was having a serious breakdown and really needed help, all I got from him was a lecture about how bad my attitude was. I was on the verge of suicide and all he could tell me was ‘We all have bad days.’ Whatever. Thank the gods I have a family that loves me because HE wasn't any help.

Finally, I say, “I’m sorry, Thé, I shouldn’t have said anything.” Trying to shut him up, ya know? And he has the freaking NERVE to say, “You’re right, you shouldn’t have.”

EXCUSE ME? I was trying to be lighthearted about the whole stupid issue and YOU get all nasty with me. I give up. I’m not sure how much more of his unstable attitude I can take. One minute, I can joke with him and then, without warning, I can say hello and get a lecture. I know what stress is and how it affects people but I can’t take this. It’s my nature to be silly and to joke. How can I repress that?

Guess I’m going to have to learn to try or I’m either going to quit or get fired before too long.

~A frustrated and angry (although she’s not ALLOWED to be because we ALL have bad days) Crazy Lady


Redheaded Mama said...

You could always go Sis's route and right a carefully worded email. I don't think I could have held my tongue for as long as you have, they are starting to take you for granted again........ maybe you need a week off so that they understand how much you do for the company.

Wish I could help you out, give you some kind of helpful advice or something. You have a right to have a bad attitude as long as it doesn't show to clients/customers.

I lurve you, I appreciate you!!!!

Crazy Lady said...

Thank you - I appreciate the support so much! My problem is that I can't get a job doing what I'm doing (or was doing) making the money I am now. Sucks! Oh, and if he HAD e-mail... maybe. He's too busy to check it so it all comes to me. LOL