Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So, tell me how freaky this is.

Our receptionist is out this week so I’m covering my spot and hers. So, I’ve been going back and forth between my desk and hers. Well, yesterday morning, I started out on my computer printing invoices and things before I went out to her desk and finished it all up.

I left my desk about 9:30 yesterday morning. At 3:30 yesterday afternoon, I went back to my desk and my computer wouldn’t come out of sleep mode. AAAAAAH! So, I turn it off and try and restart it. No go. I get the Dell splash screen and it won’t go any farther. Double AAAAAAH!

I get to work this morning, and it’s still stuck. So, reluctantly, I call Dell Tech Support and get a very helpful lady who solves the issue in less than 10 minutes. What we wound up doing is shutting it down, unplugging it and holding the power button in for ten seconds. Obviously, it won’t start up that way, but she says it’ll discharge any stored power. I plugged it back in and viola! We have power. LOL Did a system restore and was good to go.

Now, what’s so freaky? Here’s today’s horoscope:

You won't relish the tough conversation you have today, but you'll love the outcome.

Weird, huh? Especially since I was dreading calling tech support. LOL

~Your Relieved Crazy Lady

P. S. Zanderyn’s convinced I’m an electronics killer.