Wednesday, June 11, 2008

$18 and a Trip to Starbucks

Eighteen dollars is what it cost me to mail out seven books and one DVD yesterday. Even. Sounds like a lot, but when you consider I'll be getting seven books and one DVD back in return, well, kinda makes it sound cheap, doesn't it? Either way, I've learned my lesson – only post a FEW books at a time to and not nineteen. LOL

Anyway, since Zan the Man cooked (ha) dinner last night, I didn't have anything to bring with me today (and reheated tri-tip is so not my thing). So, I packed a decent lunch of healthy snacks (granola bars, apricots, yogurt, etc) and hit Starbucks for a coffee and a treat (lemon raspberry bar – yum!). While waiting on my drink, the young man serving me commented on my Red's Original Chocolate House t-shirt I was wearing – gotta love M&M World. I started talking to him and commented that I have a Star Wars one as well where Red is dressed as a storm trooper. He then tells me I just have to wear it the next time I come in. Um, okay. So, either I was being flirted with (and oblivious ol' me wouldn't have a clue) or he was making fun of me.

I'm gonna go with the latter.

~Your Caffeinated Crazy Lady


Redheaded Mama said...

I think he's flirting, I also think the new 'do (or somewhat new at this point) has something to do with it, lol.

Crazy Lady said...

I think you're deeply deluded but thanks for the confidence booster anyway. :)