Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am soooo irritated!

Yesterday, when Dad Boss was looking through the mail, he came across a form from the unemployment division. Opening it up, he discovered that it was from one of our former foremen. Now, I'm gonna call him 'Zook, because he's always reminded me of Bazooka from the G. I. Joe cartoons, so bear with me here.

'Zook left us right before Christmas last year to go to the union. He felt as if he wasn't being heard, that he was being taken advantage of, and just wasn't getting what he thought he deserved from the company. And to a point, I agree. This is a great company to work for, but they do tend to come down on you for things that aren't your fault or are beyond your control. And although they do try to take care of you, they often fall short. I mean, I've been here for over 10 ½ years and only JUST got my second week of vacation. See what I mean? In the long run, there are a lot worse companies out there to work for, but he needed more so he left. No harm, no foul, right?

Well, when Dad Boss read that he'd been laid off, he laughed. LAUGHED! Then, he began coming down on 'Zook about how he always complained, that it was always something, on and on and on. The thing that ticks me off the most? He OBVIOUSLY was a good worker and knew what he was doing because THEY made him a FOREMAN! If he was incompetent, they wouldn't have done that, would they? So, then Dad Boss decides to go SHOW everyone in the office that 'Zook had been laid off, accompanying it with 'And he thought he was going to make the big money with the union.' (We're open shop, so the union thing tends to get under the bosses skin)

Now, seeing the irony in his getting laid off is one thing, but taking joy in it? That's just wrong. Even if you don't like the guy (and I loved him, as you can tell), it's wrong to revel in his misfortune. Get real, you're 80 years old for cryin' out loud!

I'm just afraid to see what might happen if 'Zook reapplies to our company now. *sigh* I miss him, but I don't want him to go through this.