Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh Geez…

So, Zan just informed me that he's having a birthday party this year. Um, okay… we haven't had an actual birthday party for him since high school, but whatever.

So, what's his big plan? Freaking PAINT BALL! But, I shouldn't really be surprised, and truthfully, I'm not. He's wanted to play for years, but couldn't ever get anyone to go along with him. Back in the day, all our friends were broke and while we were okay, we couldn't afford to pay for EVERYONE so that they could all play. So, he checked out prices and has decided on doing a party since it'll be cheaper. For who, is my question. ROFL

Oh well, I just want him to be happy, and this will do it for sure. And there's even a special place for the kids to go play. Me? I get camera/camcorder duty. LOL YouTube, watch out, here we come!

~The Non-Paintball Playing Crazy Lady