Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally Friday?

Eh, can't say that this week drug, because it really didn't. Aside from all the pain I've been in this week, things have gone pretty smoothly. Read two books, PLUM LOVIN' and PLUM LUCKY and have started a third, DIRTY. So, at least I've accomplished something this week… LOL

Anyway, tomorrow is grocery shopping and laundry. Then, later Saturday afternoon, my niece is having her birthday party and my girls are GOING HOME WITH HER! LOL My sister is letting my niece have a few girls stay the night after the party, and my little ones were invited, how nice! *g* And then, since Monday is a teacher in-service day, and the girls will be off and going to Mom's anyway, she thought they could just stay over Sunday as well so we didn't have to worry about getting them to her on Monday. SCORE!

So, the big question is what the hell are Zan and I going to do without our girls? Maybe paint that half-orange wall we have…

Wherever you are, whatever your plans, have a good weekend and see you soon.

As always,

~Your Crazy Lady with a backache…