Thursday, April 3, 2008


Okay, so I have something to mail out to my BF Shana so I stop at a certain grocery store on my way to work. Now, I don't generally shop at this store but, if I need something on my way to work, I will, because it's on the way.

So, I stop in and grab a padded envelope and a bottle of this new water I found – Twist Organics West Indies Lime – and head for the checkout. Since it wasn't quite 7 AM, I knew that there would be only one checker. I head for the self check and the first says, "Remove item from bag and scan before rebagging." HUH? Okay, these things screw up all the time, no biggie. There's like six, so I move on to the next. Same thing. Four of the six were up and online and all FOUR gave me the same message. Ugh. Whatever, I go and get in line behind the one other customer at the checkstand.

The checker looks up at me and says in this snotty-ass voice, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I'm going to be here awhile. You should go use the self check."

Um, don't you think I WOULD if I COULD ya dumb cow? So, I start to explain to her the problem and she interrupts me, saying, "I know, and I'm working on it."

WTF? Why did she tell me to go USE them then? I apologize and try to tell her that I had tried and she snaps at me saying, "Well, I can only do so much with trying to run five lanes at one time."

I was *this c lose* to telling her the fuck off when the manager steps up and takes me over to the self checks. He fiddles with it, and it works, finally. Hallelujah! He starts scanning my stuff and I tell him I can handle it, politely of course, and then explain to him why I hadn't used it before. He apologized to me even for the checker's attitude. So, it's all good but geez lady! Not MY freaking fault you're stuck on the shitty shift!! And this lady has a terminal attitude. I was there one other morning and heard another lady give this particular checker what-for for being a bitch.

Hey, so maybe it isn't ME after all! LOL


~An irritated Crazy Lady with a bottle of lime water…


Redheaded Mama said...

Don't you hate people who work in a job like that but seem to be miserable doing it??
If you can't be nice to the customers, go work back grill at McDonalds!!!!

Crazy Lady said...

Amen and a HALF to that.