Monday, March 31, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen…


LOL – that is an OLD joke, but still funny if you're on the 'in'.

But more seriously… I have created new characters for the first time in a long time. I mean, I've made new characters in the realm of the worlds I already write in, even ventured out and wrote a short story with a whole new premise, but this is something else all together. This could be a whole new saga. Well, it might should I ever actually develop a freaking plot…

Once I started back writing about Ali, I knew she'd overtake my life again. But that's okay – she's a part of me, and she helps me work out my anger, frustration, and sadness when no one else cares or is available. Blake, well, despite being a part of Ali's world now, he's a part of me too.

Dakotah and Sierra have become the same way for me. I've messed with that story for so many years now, that I think I know it as well as my own history. LOL

So, for me to step outside and start writing with a whole new world and set of characters is a big step for me. However, I think I'm going to like these two just as much as all those who have come before. Montana, aka Montie, is a rancher/farmer in a southern town somewhere. Probably Texas, since it's the only place down south I've lived, although I might move him west into Utah or Colorado, just to bring him a bit closer to home.

Colbie, however is a city girl and while not a big city city girl, she has her aspirations. I've not got her figured out quite yet, so she still may surprise me somewhere down the road. Heck, Montie may as well, although I think I know the kind of guy he is. Good-hearted glutton for punishment, methinks.

There are a few extraneous characters as well. Chuck is Montie's friend and confidante. He's a good ol' boy and should incite a bit of riot here and there. Colbie also has herself a man, as yet unnamed. Once I manage to introduce him into the story, he'll find his name and way. I don't think you're gonna like him though. *g*

So, is that enough babble for one day? Well, I may be back, so beware. Have I told you how much I enjoy the fact that Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to publish blog posts directly out of Word? How freaking cool is that?

~Your Creative Crazy Lady


Redheaded Mama said...

There is NEVER enough babble for one day!! I'm glad to have you back during the day because I missed your babble, lol. My life is very boring without you.... Doncha wanna come back to Texas??

Crazy Lady said...

Awww... thanks! I've missed being online too!

And HELL YEAH!! Although, I'll wait until after summer is over... LOL