Friday, February 22, 2008

Soundtrack to Life

I've told you that I love to write, right? Well, I must tell you that I have made myself writing soundtracks - lists of songs that inspire me when dealing with certain characters. Now, Zan thinks I'm a nutcase, but I've seen that other authors (published ones at that) have done the same thing. So, I'd like to share one of those with you today.

Now, just to preface this a bit, Ali is a character that has been with me for a long, long time. Her husband, Blake, is relatively new. So, while I was working on getting the two of them hooked up, I started making my soundtracks. I have three now. LOL I really need to make a fourth... *snort*

Nobody But Me – The Real BS - This is just one of those songs. So very male in it's "Nobody but me's gonna love on you like you ought to be loved on". And then the begging of "Honey, don't go loving on nobody but meeeeee..." LOL

Lips of an Angel – Hinder - I chose this song in the beginning because it's #1: a very powerful ballad and #2: fitting for Ali's relationship with Blake. He had a girlfriend, she had her desire. She tempted him beyond belief. He resisted. Sorta.

Stay With Me (Brass Bed) – Josh Gracin - This is another very, very sexy song. "It'll be alright just as long as you stay with me." He doesn't want her to leave and finds every excuse to make her stay. Blake was much the same way. I even wrote a story around the lyrics of this song.

Living in a Moment – Ty Herndon - A lesson we should all learn to live. Just live in the moment and don't worry about yesterday or today. Something both my Ali and Blake had to learn the hard way.

Savin’ MeNickleback - Ever heard this song? "Say it if it's worth savin' me." They both venture to some dark places over the course of their relationship. Ali's been to more dark places than an owl I think and yet, she keeps her head up and plugs along.

Kiss Me in the Dark – The Randy Rogers Band - Do I really need to say anything about this? I mean, HELLO! Didja read the title? LOL

Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad – Def Leppard - Yes, they have, and still do. Adn if you ever have, then you'll understand as well.

Far AwayNickleback - This song is indicative of our lives these days. So many military families have been torn apart by the war, and not to mention the long-distance truck drivers and all the other families/couples that spend their lives apart from one another. With Blake being a touring musician and Ali being who she is, it's a very appropriate song.

Better Than Me – Hinder - This is how I feel in regards to Zanderyn. I truly feel he could have found someone so much better than me that would have made him happier. He disagrees. So does Blake.

Possession – Bad English - This is another good lovemaking song... LOL Did you need to know that? Blake is so very alpha male in the fact that he has to totally posses Ali in every way, shape and form, but he's got just enough beta in him to let her manipulate him... as long as it's to his benefit. *evil grin*

The Day She Left Tulsa (in a Chevy) – Wade Hayes - Aside from the fact that I just LURVE me some Wade Hayes, I'm not so sure that this song really fits. However, the narrator pleads with his audience that the truth didn't matter, and that he'd love her anyway. THAT fits my two however.

Lovin’ Every Minute – Mark Wills - Exactly how a love song should be. Hot, steamy, and so hopeful! Love and enjoy every minute you have with your honey.

Will You Be There in the MorningBlackhawk - Our biggest fear, no? To wake up and find ourselves alone? Not like waking up and finding your honey has gone to tennis or work or whatever, but to wake up and find them gone? Ali and Blake face this constantly, even now that they are inseparable.

Who’s Gonna Get Me Over You – Darryl Worley - I thought of this song after writing a break-up scene between the two. Or, rather, their leaving each other and not knowing what the future held. All Ali knew was that it wasn't going to be easy getting past him.

Miles Away - Winger - See "Far Away". LOL It's so hard when the one you love and need is miles away. Even harder when he doesn't know you need him so much.

High Enough – Damn Yankees - "Can you take me high enough?" Can you take me higher than the pain I feel, the hurt I endure, the insecurities that surround me? That's love, baby. LMAO.

Tore Up From the Floor Up – Wade Hayes - *coughs* Ya just gotta understand Ali to get this one.

Dangerous Man – Trace Adkins - *naughty laugh* Ali turns Blake into a dangerous man every time...

Something MoreSugarland - About how I feel about life in general every day of my life. LOL But, it's also how both Ali and Blake were feeling at the time they met.

Take It All Out On Me – Mark Wills - This is just a great song. Wife comes home after a bad day, Husband steps up and says, "You can take it all out on me." Now, I KNOW what he means *snort* but well, it's still a nice thought, no?

So, anyway, that's CD #1. I'll get into #2 and #3 later. Don't wanna bore you any more than I already have. I'm just very passionate about my music and how deeply it tends to inspire me.

Deal with it.


~A Musical Crazy Lady