Wednesday, February 27, 2008

M&M’s and Mayhem

Note to self: Wild Cherry M&M’s are nasty. And I mean Janet Jackson N-A-S-T-Y kind of nasty. (And how many of you are singing that now? LOL).

Is there a reason why ONE particular MALE employed by my company insists on treating me like crap? And even worse, like I’m HIS personal freaking secretary?

Yesterday, he dropped RFI’s (requests for information) on my desk, right in the middle of something else I was ALREADY WORKING ON, and just walked away without a word. No, “when you have a minute” or even a “thank you”. Needless to say, I was pretty miffed. It’s almost as if he expects me to drop everything and do his stuff for him. Now, I’ve been doing RFI’s for him for nearly the entire ten years I’ve worked for this company. So, that’s not such a big deal. What irritates me is that, ever since he’s moved into the office, he’s had his own computer and printer so that I wouldn’t have to DO his RFI’s anymore. Amazingly enough, I’m still doing them.

And so now THIS morning, he is discussing some service tickets with one of my bosses, and he comes to ask me a question. Each time I try to answer him, he starts talking over the top of me, not letting me get the words out of my mouth. And, of course, since I can’t answer him, he starts getting angry with me and getting indignant. “Oh, never mind, it doesn’t matter.” Yes, it does, because you aren’t letting me finish! I actually TOLD him that because I was at the end of my rope. Do not freaking order me around and then treat me like I’m being a bitch simply because you do not have the time nor the inclination to let me ANSWER you! ARGH!

However, justice has been served. He went down into the warehouse that’s below our office – we’re sorta in a loft of sorts above the warehouse – and locked himself out. *evil laughter* So, he had to call me on our two-way radios so that I could let him in. LOL I did, but only after giving him a hard time. I really wanted to leave him out there, but yanno…

Sigh... and when I told my boss what was going on... he just looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I guess I don't deserve respect.

Nasty, nasty boys, dont mean a thing
Oh you nasty boys
Nasty, nasty boys, dont ever change
Oh you nasty boys


~The Crazy Singing Lady