Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grr… Argh…

The Grr:

I LOVE Blake Shelton. Okay, if you’re reading this, then you most likely already KNOW that. Well, there’s this *cough* particular late-night DJ that doesn’t seem to particularly care for my beloved Blake, which is fine because there’s like a gazillion country artists out there, right, and to each their own. I truly believe in that. My music doesn’t HAVE to be YOUR music.

BUT, this a$$ of a DJ takes many an opportunity to bash Blake without remorse. And it’s usually over nothing. For example, one year, Blake participated in the charity baseball game they have every year in Nashville. I guess he showed up with a lawn chair and put it out in the outfield. LOL 95% of these musicians don’t take the GAME seriously, but take the CAUSE very seriously (I think it’s for St. Jude’s). So, this jerk went on and on about how lousy of a team mate Blake was because he can’t play baseball. Um, sorry? Did I miss something? All this time I thought the point was to make money for a worthy cause.

But, I digress. Anyway, I woke up around midnight last night and hear this DJ talking to Blake. Okay, so I force myself to stay awake long enough to listen. Blake’s on something as usual and is really enjoying himself. And somehow, I think it’s more than the Orbitz Citrus Mint gum they keep joking about. Well, this DJ just starts GUSHING about Blake’s choir’s performance on Clash of the Choirs back in December and how great he was, blah blah blah… What the hell? If you don’t like the man, you don’t like him. Fine. But do not go from bashing him to fawning over him! And that goes for ANY artist! It just irritates the hell out of me! Nothing I hate more than a two-faced lying jerk with access to a public forum! I’m just thankful I’m not generally up to listen to him. GRRRR!


And now for the Argh:

Princess’ birthday is today. She’s eight. What did she ask for as a present? She’d like her ears pierced. Okay, I can do that. So, I tell my mother this since she wanted to know what to get for her as well and tells me she’ll get her a pair of earrings or two. Cool.

So, she calls me this morning and says she just missed Princess since no one answered the phone at home. They went to Grandma & Grandpa’s this morning, so I’m thinking Zan took them earlier than normal since it was Princess’ birthday. Anyway, Mom tells me, well, we need to get together so I can pay for her ear piercing and… HOLD ON! Um, no Mom, you told me you were buying her EARRINGS after I told you WE were piercing her ears. Would you believe my mother has the nerve to get UPSET with me? She huffs and says, “Well, I guess I’ll just get her some earrings then.” Good, it’s what you said you were doing in the first place! ARGH!

But then, she gets sly and asks, “What about Mischief. Does she want HER ears pierced?” I hadn’t asked. I figured we’d wait until Princess was up there getting hers done to ask. LOL So, I’m thinking Mom is going to spring for Missy to get her ears pierced since we’re sticking with Prin’s. LOL


Double ARGH but this I can deal with.

~Crazy Mama to a EIGHT YEAR OLD!