Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ahh… Lemony Goodness

What? *wipes lemon poppy seed cream cheese muffin crumbs off chin*

But seriously, food is a major factor in my life. I love to cook, to try out new recipes, and to share not just my new recipes, but the food itself with those I love.

Last night, we went to Chili’s for dinner. My older girl’s 8th birthday is tomorrow, however daddy has tennis that night, so we went for dinner last night. Fair enough, right? Well, after dinner, we went back to this new place Zan has found called Cheesecake and Crime. It’s a bookstore AND cheesecake place! I know, right!

Anyway, Zan decided he had to have some cheesecake. Princess decided she wanted a cheesecake truffle in white chocolate (a girl after her daddy’s heart there) and Mischief decided she needed a chocolate dipped cherry. Yum. I wasn’t very hungry so I wasn’t sure if I was going to get something or not and then… Yes, then I spotted the CHEESECAKE COOKIES. At first, I thought they were regular cookies but OMG no. They were actually little dollops of cheesecake batter baked like a cookie. Oh heaven, cookie is thy name. LOL

So, since they had chocolate chocolate chip and Key Lime, I was stuck. I lurve anything Key Lime, but then, I love chocolate too. Well hell, turns out they were only $1.55 for four, so I got a box of each. LMAO. So much for decisions! All I can say is YUM-O! LOL

And from cheesecakey goodness to books… I’m gonna get myself murdered one of these days. I just joined yet another book club. This one is for horror books. REAL horror books, not this crap I’ve been finding lately. LOL Sorry, I like good scary stories and the horror books I’ve been reading lately just don’t measure up.

So, let’s do a roll call… Subscription #1 is to Leisure Horror Book Club – 2 paperbacks a month for $11. Can’t beat that! And most of their books are good. I’ve gotten a few weird ones, but no worries. Subscription #2 is to Harlequin’s MIRA suspense/thriller series – 3 paperbacks a month for $17. Not bad either, right? And I’ve read some really good books out of that imprint. Subscription #3 is to Harlequin’s Silhouette Nocturne series – 3 paranormal romances every other month for $19. It might be four books, I can’t remember. But still not a bad price since they all include shipping. So, this fourth subscription will be about $16/month. LOL But, at least it’ll come at a different time of the month – the first half as opposed to the last like the others. ROFL.

Well, I think I’ve babbled more than enough for one morning. :)

~The Crazy Book Lady